Hobie: Introducing the H-Crate Jr.

The feature-packed H-Crate Jr. from Hobie ups your storage capacity and leaves a little extra space on the deck of your kayak, SUP or Eclipse. This is the perfect accessory for those looking for a versatile gear management solution on smaller watercraft. It measures 14 by 14 inches.

Features include:

  • Integrated rod holders with shock cord retainers at each corner gives you built-in storage for four rods.
  • The H-Crate Jr. grid wall features molded nut spaces for easy installation of additional rod holders.
  • H-Rail integration gives you a mounting platform that accepts any H-Rail accessory (rod holders, tackle bin, cup holder, camera mount, etc.)
  • 4 heavy duty straps for attaching to the deck of your Hobie watercraft
  • Collapses flat for compact storage or travel.