Hobie Performance Noserider Review from BlinkSurf

What the Hobie Surfboards site says about the Performance Noserider:


‘The name says it all this model is designed for the best of both worlds with good noseriding capability and high performance function the PNR is great for many different conditions.’

What people are saying about it:

“I’ve had several hobies over 15 yrs including the PNR (Performance Nose Rider) ,classic ,Henry ford and my favourite the slug. Great boards.” – User Norman Wright on Facebook

“9′- Hobie Performance Noserider.- Very thin profile, Fast 122 Times – 24.4% – Any size wave but usually 3ft plus and also on bumpy days.” – User Surfing 365 for the Community on Facebook

“Such a beautiful board.” – User Jacob Davis on Facebook

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